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TRACKLIST 01. [Cover by This Mortal Night] Another World, Another Time
02. [Cover by Alex Lamia] I Dreamt Of An Emerald Forest
03. [Cover by Arathgoth] I Saw Your Ghost In The Woods
04. [First Age] Another World, Another Time
05. [First Age] The Dark Dungeon
06. [First Age] The Loneliness Of The Stone Giant
07. [First Age] Golden Age Of The Underwater Kingdom
08. [Second Age] The Kingdom Of Erang
09. [Second Age] My Mountains, Years Ago
10. [Second Age] The Erangers
11. [Third Age] I Dreamt Of An Emerald Forest
12. [Third Age] All The Beauty We've Lost
13. [Third Age] Lobrok Dan Labrak

Year 2017