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Consciousness is the page promote good and niche music. We do not patronize releases, we only add release to the site. The project has existed since 2013 and from the beginning, independent selection of music for the site has been used. We play mostly free beats on the radio, which you can download from The set of releases.

Currently, we need new people to deliver music independent. If you want to join and play a role, please contact us.

We invite you to the Strictly Beats

Our website can also be found under a backup server . This domain will not be updated regularly. Unfortunately, there are advertisements there that we have no influence on. Browser add-ons, such as AdBlock, remove ads well

How to add your release?

Send your work to us by forum or e-mial: . When we check your release you will receive a positive or negative result. Positive result - your work will be added to the page. Negative result - feedback.


phone number: +48 720 708 149